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Joan Avoids a Cold

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Joan Avoids a Cold

Published 1947

How young children must behave to avoid transmitting germs to one another.

Run time 10:24
Producer Coronet Instructional Films
Sponsor N/A
Audio/Visual Sd, B&W


Many provisos which must be followed if young children are not to transmit germs to one another.
doctors; never share another's food; schoolroom; examination; school nurse;
really bad acting; children washing; cod liver oil; boiling dishes; sleeping;
odd shot: child spitting toothpaste into the toilet [rather than the bathroom sink]

Joan (little girl) checks thermometer in window and dresses in a snowsuit for school
Jim (little boy) dresses warmly. Mom gives them a supply of tissues and sends them to school.
Children walking to school. One eats an apple. Boy asks girl for a tissue.
Little boy splashes in puddle.
Grade school classroom with children and teacher.
CU large thermometer with hands pointing to 40 degrees. Children look at large thermometer.
Little girl hold rag doll.
Little boy sneezes.
Woman blows feather across classroom.
Little girl with apple in her lap
Teacher shows little boy how to blow her nose.
School nurse examines grade school children. Examines throat, takes temperature, and calls boy's mother.
Two women behind desk examine a chart.
Grade school children in washroom and coat closet
Little boy checks thermometer and records temperature on a chart
Woman puts towels on bathroom rack
Little girl stands on box to reach sink in bathroom
Little girl brushes teeth and spits into a cup.
Mother gives little girl a spoonful of cod liver oil
Mother at breakfast table examines little boy
Little girl washes hands
School children dressed up in Dutch costumes
Little boy sick in bed
Little children in dutch costumes do folk dances.
Danger Lurks Safety


Reviewer: I_h8_screen_names - favoritefavorite - October 13, 2016
Subject: What is a "kermis"
In this film they are all working on and going to a "kermis". This is a tradition from the Netherlands. It is a charity fair to raise funds for those in need.
Also, the announcer points out that George's negligence and Jim's failure to keep due diligence at warding off the mayhem spread by George has caused Jim to succomb to the onslaught of the terror known as "THE COMMON COLD"!!! God have mercy on our souls.
As the announcer reminds us kermis shows us that "the Dutch are clean". I guess George's family has no genetic link to the Netherlands and his mom is one nasty woman. Poor John, now he knows to choose his friends by using the DNA links at
Reviewer: ERD - favoritefavorite - May 13, 2006
Subject: Dated mediocre instructional film for children
This film is now very dated. Spitting into the toilet bowl is nonsense. Some of the facts, however were good for the time. Acting is stilted, overall production is fair.
Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 12, 2003
Subject: Now you know what that white goo is in the toilet!
Very strange and dated film which gives kids ways on how to avoid a cold. Using vwey badly acting kids (at least the kids are better actors then the ADULTS!) the film follows Joan, and his brother, on a typical day. As you can probably tell, Joan is smart, her brother is not. After Joans Mother decides that her kids need to wear snowsuits (!!) on a perfectly nice but chilly day, the kids are off to school. Joan avoids the puddles. Her brother doesn't. Her brother takes a bite from someone else's food, Joan does not.. and so it goes. Pretty soon, when they are in school, Joan's brother's head is bobbing up and down in some indication I guess that he is sneezing. His teacher notices that his feet are wet as well. Off to the Nurses you go! After a thermometer check and discovering his feet are wet (a sure sign, apparently) his nurse who has a GREAT sign in her office that says "Bodies, like buildings, should keep erect" and determines that Joan's bro IS sick. Joan's mom then takes appropiate action. Makes sure he has a separate towel from everyone, boiling his dishes after he eats (!!) and making sure everyone spits into the toilet (why??). Strange and ancient fun from our pals at Coronet. Higjly reccomended!
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